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 I am on EE network in UK, and use www.voipfone.co.uk  VoIP service

Zoiper connects and registers on WiFi but whenever i switch over to mobile data, it wont connect or register.

ive been trying to find solution to this, but to no avail

asked Aug 28, 2017 in Android by iamfrustrated (120 points)  

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Good day,

Please check your stun settings, probably blocked by your provider, maybe you can select to use higher ports? Ofter the used APN on your mobile are restricted for web applications, maybe you can check if another APN has no restrictions.

answered Sep 1, 2017 by Zwagerman (3,870 points)  

Ok, i have looked at my STUN settings, do i turn on STUN?

i have two voip providers, SIPGATE and VOIPFONE, on mobile data, SIPGATE connects ok and works very well whilst VOIPFONE wont connect.

Both accounts work very well on WiFi


Assuming that you have a single account at voipphone:

SIP Server/Proxy/Registrar = sip.voipfone.net

Port 5060

Stun can help indeed, but does voipfone supports stun? Otherwise configure the STUN server of zoiper ( stun.zoiper.com )



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