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Can I make it so Zoiper will call a number, then pause, then dial an extension or access code?


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Zoiper itself does not support pause feature.
You could achieve this by altering your VoIP server setup and then using some special characters to issue a controlled delay in dialing the rest of the number.

We have pause functionality in our to-do list. We will announce it when it is implemented.

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The original question was posed almost 2.5 years ago.

Has there been any progress implementing pause dialing?

Unfortunately no, Zoiper still does not support sending pauses.

That’s too bad. I’ll have to keep looking, then.

Thank you for the response.


I did this with a shortcode on my pbx

And I think its the best way as well.



@kwc, Please let me know if you find something else as I just pay for the Zoiper Premium and was surprise that this feature was not implement. 

Zoiper, after more than 2.5 years this feature was request can you elaborate on the challenge you face to not been able to implement this simple feature?  This is a very simple feature to code, it just amaze me why it take so long to implement or I'm missing something.


To be honest shortcodes are a server side feature, Zoiper is a client, so I understand why its not implemented yet.

Merry christmas!

@Zwagerman Unfortunately I don't agree as this should be from the client side, in fact I don't see any relation with server side as the client is sending the input and have all the controls of it. 

So far it been very unclear why it can't be achieve and if it was a protocol or standard issue, but at least using another field to enter post number to automatically dial for all those conference number or extension will be perfect.

We are automating everything and all phone are doing it, it like a basic standard. Honestly this really make no sense to me as all my contacts and me deal everyday by dialing conference bridge or extension.  


I am working with Avaya phone systems and all sorts of phones (soft or real phones) connected to Avaya.

The server is having the shortcodes, so that the phone can be simple, no time wasted on configuring phones centralised management is important in our company.

Have a nice day.

But on a mobile phone, where I use Zoiper, the compari tor is my old Nokia cellphone/mobile handset!  And it could do dialing sequences including pause and wait.

So how about it Zoiper - can you add this feature Real Soon? 


Such feature was never available into any Zoiper product.

Unfortunately, don't hold your breath as they are not interest to hear it as it been request for many year by other. It may make sense for a corporate IT to include into the pause and wait in their central server but for most of us using this software on a PC at home or on the road is overkill to have a second server gateway just for pause and wait. 

As we deal more and more with Web conference and typing access code, I just don't get why they are not implementing it. I lost faith so far and been looking for alternative.

Good day,

Because its a server feature, not a client feature.

Have a nice day.



Yes I agree - for non-corporate users who are connecting directly to a VOIP Service Provider we need the SIP client (Zoiper) to do pause, wait etc.

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