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Can ZoiPer be set up to always record calls even if calling from the native phone and not the actual ZoiPer App? Does it only work if ZoiPer is open in the backgroup and not if all apps are closed from multi-tasking? We have a user that handles very sensitive information and we set his phone up to use ZoiPer but he doesn't always use the app to make and receive calls, so we want to know if all calls get recorded no matter where he dials from or receives calls to his cellphone. We want to make it easy for him.

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Very easy to use. Very customizable. Also easy to configure new VoIP accounts thanks to qr-codes. And you can have multiple accounts configured.
Great quality and free. Best free App on iPhone, and I tested many! Just now got the app from iTunes.

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This person could use the mobile version of Zoiper on his phone.

As long as calls are answered or dial via Zoiper it can be recorded.

You have a BIZ license?

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