How Do You Make a 3 way call or conference call?

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I cannot for the life of me make a conference or 3 way call.  I have downloaded Zoiper Premium, I have downloaded Zoiper Beta.  Can't get it to work.

I make the first call, speak to the person, click the 3 dots and click add a call.  I dial the 2nd number.  The app puts the first call on hold.  When the 2nd caller is on the line, I click the 3 dots again and then click merge calls.  The calls NEVER merge!  I've done it 3-4 times.

I definitely appreciate any help with this I can get.

asked Sep 1, 2017 in Android by Jeremie J (120 points)  

1 Answer

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Hi Jeremie,

Would you please let me know if your voip provider enabled conference calls?
Which provider are you using?

Best Regards,

answered Sep 4, 2017 by Zwagerman (3,870 points)  
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