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I've bought Zoiper for MAC but it keep failing registering the SIP account, I've asked our asterisk maintenance group to check the logs of the PBX and they told me that it has not any kind of registering request from my IP address. I'm in the same lan, so I think that something in the MAC is preventing Zoiper from communicating to the PBX.

Can someone help me?
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The Zoiper Support Team resolved the issue.

They told me:

"Please go to your account configuration in the "Advanced" sub-tab and disable "STUN". Try registering again. Depending on the server configuration you might also have to disable MWI which is located in your account configuration under the "Extra" sub-tab."

Now it works just fine!

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It is possible that the buit in firewall is blocking Zoiper:

Have a look here for more info: 

Good luck!
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The Firewall is already turned off. I can't make Zoiper works.

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