Cellphone ringing when Voip line gets call

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Is it possible to have the Zoiper app running but not have my cellphone ring every time our house phone rings? (It's annoying.) Is there a setting that would suppress it from ringing when the app isn't being displayed in the foreground? I would like to be able to leave the app open (meaning not choose "Exit" every time I'm done with it) but never be notified of incoming calls.

Would changing a setting - perhaps one mentioned here - help "break" incoming calls?

asked Sep 6, 2017 in Android by EliezerBee (120 points)  
edited Sep 15, 2017 by EliezerBee

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Maybe you can select on your android phone under advanced, supported networks, thats not available for wifi ( when you are home you are connected to wifi, when on the road you use mobile data ).



answered Sep 18, 2017 by Zwagerman (3,870 points)  

I want it to never ring regardless of where I am - but would like to not have to shut the app every time.

Maybe you can select deactivate under account instead of exit

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