Is it possible to connect ZOIPER to Toshiba IP-EDGE

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We are running a Toshiba IP-Edge VOIP network at our office. The Toshiba Call Manager and mobile UCEdge apps are severely lacking and make the system almost unusable. I'd like to migrate to ZOIPER if possible. Attempts at setting up ZOIPER to register the account with server have been unsuccessful. Has anyone had experience doing this?

asked Sep 15, 2017 in General by vmgbritt (120 points)  


I see that it can connect to a SIP trunk, but if it allows sip clients.... I didnt find that in the brochure.

Do you have any technical details about this Toshiba product?



Are you there?

Yes .. I responded last night but my comment has not been "approved"



Thanks for the response.

As I read more the UCEdge client is the primary one we want to replace. It appears to allow usage of XMPP enabled apps so perhaps that it the path I need to take.

Some details of UCedge are here:

The IPEdge server we have installed .. with call manager is here.

Thank you for your thoughts.


Is it maybe an idea to move to freepbx --> connect to a sip trunk and use zoiper as client?

XMPP is for messaging, SIP is for voip.

If you are planning to change the clients, i suggest to move to another platform, but I dont know if the skills are available.



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