Zoiper for android does not show the callername in call log

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The server provides a caller name (text) as well as the caller id (number) and it is correctly shown when a call is received. However, as soon as the call is answered, one can not see the caller's name anymore, nor it is shown in the caller lig (regardless if the log integration is on or off).

In previous versions it used to show it in the log. Is it something configurable that I can't find?

asked Sep 20, 2017 in Android by mitkodotcom (120 points)  

Not sure if it is by design ( didnt hear if it will record that) or that it should work are you using the open beta?

I have tried both the beta and the lite version, with and without "Integrate With Native Call Log"

We had two betas, one Zoiper Open Beta for the Lite version of Zoiper, for which you can subscribe(based on Zoiper 2.x), and one which you can install as separate application - again ZoiperBeta 2.x.

Additionally can you clarify which Lite version of Zoiper you have tested - the stable 1.53 or the Zoiper Lite Beta based on Zoiper 2.x ?

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