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I need to answer fast. Is there a speed key, short key, to answer from the zoiper web. Is there a way to create a fast answer key?. something like CTRL A.

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This is more of a javascript question than a zoiper question, i googled it a bit and it seems possible:


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You may create custom button to answer calls. Afterwards using some Javascript you can make this button to work with certain key combination from the keyboard.

To make the button to answer calls, you would have to use the Accept method of the "Call" class from Zoiper WEB API documentation. You can obtain a "Call" object instance from the OnZoiperCallIncoming callback function.

A very simple example is sited below. Keep in mind that you will need to handle more than one incoming call at a given time, except in the cases where you are sure that there will be no more than one incoming call.

var IncomingCall;

if (IncomingCall != null)
    IncomingCall = null;

function OnZoiperCallIncoming(call)
   IncomingCall = call;

Here is also a simple example on how to create the button on your webpage.

<a href= # onclick= namefunction() > Click Accept Call</a>

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I know this is an old post but I have a cool suggestion.

There is a nice tool called Autohotkey and I have been playing around with it a little bit.

You could pickup a call by pressing Ctrl+Enter(in Numpad) and Zoiper does not even need to be an active window.

I put the source code of the custom script at:


I was hoping to get some inspiration or ideas from the Community Forum so maybe there are some people who are interested in driving this further.


I am not sure if this will work with Zoiper WEB. However you can test it with the Demo on our website, here: https://www.zoiper.com/en/webphone

You are right. Actually the Hotkeyscript would probably work for you can activate windows based on their names and do a lot of other stuff but it certainly will not as I suggested, I overread "web".

I will do some playing around with that, thanks for the link.


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