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I've had this anoying problem for over 2 years on IOS.  When I try to initiate a call with Zoiper for IOS (3.4 right now on IOS 8.4.1).  I get immediately get "603 Declined" error.  If I used the dial pad, with the same phone number, it works fine.  Any ideas?

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Error 603 is returned when for some reason the call was rejected by the server. Probably in your case this is due to the fact that some additional symbols persist in the numbers from your contact list like empty spaces, brackets, etc.

What you may do is to add all the additional symbols under the "Strip dial character" feature of Zoiper for iOS. This could be done in the "Number rewriting" section from the account configuration. Once you configure it properly it should strip any symbol which you have listed from the numbers and Zoiper should be able to dial.

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Thank you.  I had excuded a few characters with the "strip dial character" option, and was still have the problem, so I revisited and excluded all characters but the numbers 0 to 9 and it finally worked.

SIP 603 - Declined

I am using both the (iPhone) app and the windows app as well (v 3.9.32144)

I get this error as well when using the dialpad.

this error shows up not immediately however, takes about 20 secs



Asterisk Build:

Asterisk GUI-version : 2.1.0-rc1

Check how the number is send to the server. Does it contain any symbols different than numbers?

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