staticky/robotic sound when respondent is listening, via Ubuntu 14.04 OS.

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There is a staticky/robotic sound that is being heard when an outgoing call is made, which the respondent then has a problem hearing the conversation.  Multiple headsets have been used as well as PC's and the sound is still bad through a Ubuntu setup.  There are no problems with a Windows 7 PC setup, but there is through Ubuntu.  I have even recorded the sound coming through the headset on the Ubuntu PC, which sounds normal, but something happens when it goes through Zoiper.  

Can someone please help understand or maybe tell me a setting that needs changing?

Thank you!

asked Oct 6, 2017 in Linux by eposlig (120 points)  


Which codec are you using and are you using STUN/Rport?

Maybe your headset driver in the kernel is doing crazy under Ubuntu.



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