Turning on TLS causes call attempts to say Network Busy

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Running the current (not beta) version of Zopier on an Android phone. I was able to register my Cytracom SIP account and make and receive calls. However, I want to be secure and enable TLS. According to Cytracom they support TLS, but they don’t offer support when there is a problem. When I enable TLS and SRTP the phone stays registered, but any attempt to make a call results in a “Network Busy” error, and no incoming calls ring.

How can I get TLS working?

asked Oct 23, 2017 in Android by fmdeveloper (130 points)  


They dont offer support, cause its pretty difficult to set it up.

Be sure your time on your phone is OK.

Be sure you have the right certificate installed on your phone

Be sure the phone can verify the certificate chain

Any help documents available at your voip provider for any special settings?



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