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This might sound like a silly question but can you make a Zoiper to Zoiper call for free between two different people directly through the app/softphone?

if so, where can I find a tutorial?

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It is possible to make a pc to pc call with Zoiper for desktop if you know the ip address of the other device and the SIP port it's listening to.

For Zoiper Classic the default SIP port is 5060sip:localuser:localpassword@localserver:localserverport/remoteuser(ext)@remoteserver:remoteserverport
for exaple: sip:user1@

When dialing with Zoiper3 you do not need to put / in the dialstring.

1 you need to have some account to dial with. You can use a real account, or create a dummy account.
2 Dial the remote SIP URI using the following syntax:

At the moment this feature is not supported by Zoiper for mobile platforms.

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What if you're not connected to the Internet.  Say for example you're camping with no Internet access but you got a bunch of smartphones connected to a Wi-Fi AP.  Can I use Zoiper to dial another Zioper App (Android or iOS) directly by IP address?

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