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When my blue tooth is on and a zoiper call comes in, my phone rings, but won't actually pull the call when I try to answer it.  I see in the community forums this has always been an issue.  Is there a fix?  It's frustrating to turn off the blue tooth when a zoiper call comes in, vs. leave it on for my other cellular calls.

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I have same issue in fact Neither Bluetooth Nor Speaker works with Zoiper calls on my iPhones - 6, 7 or 8 models:-(.

Issue Details:
I am using iPhone models - 6, 7 & 8 and using VOIP services from 1-Voip company. We are using Zoiper application to use the phone service for making calls internationally mostly to India. And we use cell phone with Blue tooth or Speaker options most of the time. It was working initially up until last year (2017 June timeframe) but since then when we are making calls it get connected through Bluetooth device and immediately disconnects all the time and never holds the call on Bluetooth. It is the same issue even on speaker option as well. So we had not been able to make calls with BT or Speakers ever lately.
I spoke to 1-Voip tech support and they directed us get your support as it is the Zoiper app issue.

I appreciate your support  in analyzing and resolving our issue.


I have the same issue even on hte paid zoiper product, is there ever gong to be a fix for this?

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