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Hey Guys

I'm just trying to confirm how the codec order works.

On my phone server, I've set the codec order as G.729 first, G.711u second.

I purchased the G.729 codec for the Zoiper Android app and it shows up on the list and is ticked in my SIP account settings. However, I don't have the option to move it to the top of the list.

I figure the codec used for incoming calls will be dictated by the phone server, so G.729. However, will Zoiper use G.729 for outgoing calls first too?

Also, if I do a test call, how can I tell on the Zoiper app which codec was used for that call? (so I can confirm the G.729 codec is actually being used)

Kind regards


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When you go to your Sip account settings in the app you select Audio codec settings.

Then you move up the G729 protocol so it will be primary.

But the server is leading, if the server is saying you have to use G711, then it will use G711 for example, only by turning off G711 in the codec setting it has no choice.



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