Zoiper 5 DTMF sounds not passed onto the line.

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When dialing our internal conference lines on FreePBX/Asterisk (PBX) we need to enter a numeric code which is sent to the PBX as DTMF sounds. In Zoiper5 Pro for Mac this does not work, although when the soft buttons are pressed the tones are audible via the laptop speakers. I have un-checked the 'Disable DTMF sounds' in the Zoiper config. 

This works fine with Zopiter 3 Pro, on the same PBX. I.e. this is an issue with Zoiper 5 Pro. 

Other users on this forum are reporting a similar issue. This could cause us to downgrade and request a refund as Zoiper 5 can not be used without DTMF tones working correctly. 

Setup: MacOS 10.13. No VPN. Using Zoiper 5 Pro to connect to FreePBX 14.

asked Nov 22, 2017 in Mac by rdtaxsolutions (120 points)  


The DTMF tones issue is currently known and we have a fix for it, however before publishing the next update of Zoiper we need some time to test it internally.

You should also make sure that you are using the proper number pad, since some users might get confused by the two number pads that are available in Zoiper5. Please see our guide below:


We are sorry for the caused inconvenience.

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