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I do not wish Zoiper to access my iPhone's contacts and instead wish to use Zoiper's own Contact List.

However, when I go into History and press (i) and select "Zoiper contact", after entering my details and pressing 'Done', I get a never-ending "Creating contact. Please wait" show.

Is this broken, or am I not able to use Zoiper Contact List?

I'm using "Zoiper 3.4 for iPhone' on iPhone 5.

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The saving of contacts might take some time. You may try to close the application and to run it again, then check if the contact has been added.

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> take some time.

I have waited for more than 10 minutes... No success.

By the way, are Zoiper contacts stored locally (on the iPhone), or on some external (on internet) server?


The contacts added to Zoiper's contact list are stored locally. If you have synced your native contact list with some third-party services, you should be able to call them from Zoiper.

Hi Ivan, thanks for reply. However , as I wrote, adding contacts from ' History' fails. Adding Zoiper contacts from 'Contacts' is not even possible. R's, Alex


A new version of Zoiper has been released. You can review and download it from here:


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