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Hi Folks, one of the features I really miss is to modify the dailled number before next call

Say I call a company. Got the wrong guy, he tells me he want to transfer, but either the right guy does talk or does not answer. So he gives me the extension.

Now I hang up.

Do I really have to memorize 25 digits and then add the new extension just to call the right guy next?

This is so annoying!

My native dailer does offer number modification, but by the name of whatever I could not figure out how this is done in zoiper.

But I can't imagine that someone who's using this app does not miss this feature. Or do you guys only call phone book contacts? Never an other number out from Google where you end in the call reception?

So how this is done in zoiper.

I run Android 7 on ZUK Z2 with zoiper beta as I hoped this feature would be available in the beta version.

It's not... As far as i can tell.


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Are you using a contact service?



I have no clue what you mean by "contact service"

What I do 10 to 50 times a day is this: I search in e.g. google, finde a company, dail the number from browser "call" button within google results, now zoiper as main dailer opens and dails the "reception" number of the company.

so the girl at phone reception cant transfer the call for what ever reasons and you get the extension of the person you want to talk to. 3 digits, easy to remember.

I then hang up. Go to call history and try to modify the dailed number to kill the last zero and replace it by the extension I want to talk to. 

I know only one software (zoiper) where I dont know how this is done, couldnt figgure it out myself and there is no FAQ to answers this question.

So currently I either use an other dailer or take a pen, (yea I still owne one :-) ) and note the number down on a scribble block. Then I punch it into the phoen with the right extension replacing the zero.

This is realy annoying. And I only know of one phone software doing it this way: ZOIPER & ZOIPER BETA

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