How to remove Zoiper from my Ubuntu 16.04 desktop

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I did a install of Zoiper on my Ubuntu 16.04. Went to remve it because it is junk and find:

1: no removal method inside the program itself,

2: the standard removal process by doing the "cd /usr/share/Zoiper" directory does not exsist,

3: the "exiting" or stopping Zoiper threw the right clicking of "quit" does not work.

So anyone want to suggest how to remove this crap without having to reload the entire OS?

I call it crap because I have tried to use this software on a laptop and desktop and could not get outbound audio to work on either, not going to pay money to be able to have video or a online status, voicemail access, codec priorities, and instant messaging to mention a few.

There are other programs that provide all that plus more...

 When the owners want to get real maybe they will get more users for linux...maybe not.

asked Jan 12, 2018 in Linux by amphibian (140 points)  


Sorry, but I disagree, the package is pretty stable, even under ubuntu.
1: No its Linux, please use dpkg -r zoiper or the name you named it
2: In share you will find the shared files for the program which is actually in /usr/bin
3: Which are you using KDE? Xwindow?
I use the Gnome Desktop Manager, I love it.

If you refer to linux, please install yourself a copy of centos by compiling all the sources that makes it even more rock solid.

Have a nice day.


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Zoiper5 for Linux comes as .DEB or .RPM package. You can uninstall it with you package manager as any other software. If you have just unpacked the .tar.gz archive, you can simply remove the directory where it was unpacked.

answered Jan 12, 2018 by Tsetso.Zdravkov (34,310 points)  

I have done both in the very is still installed and I can't seem to find where it is installed at... I guess I will just have to reinstall Ubuntu in order to get rid of this crap...

Thanks for responding...


Sorry I had no problems at all, installing, uninstalling, installing and uninstalling again.

Maybe you have a dependency unresolved which is blocking the complete uninstall.

Keep in mind that there will be some config files remaining after uninstalling, but depends on your distro.

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