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I have to activate the number rewriting option to traslata the + sign with 00 ciphers, and it works, but on Zoiper for Iphone when I activate the number rewriting it's also auto-activating the automatic addiction of country international prefix before the number: this function is not needed, and for me it prevents to make internal calls to extension of the PBX Zoiper is registered to.
In Zoiper for Android this issue is not present, we I can activate the number rewriting of + in 00 without getting the adding of country international prefix. Could you give a suggestion for the Iphone issue? How can I prevents the adding of international country prefix?
Thank you All you for your kind reply.


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I have just posted with the same issue, I didn't see your question before I posted but it appears you haven't received an answer either :(

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I will escalate this to our iOS developers for investigation. This should not happen. 

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Hi there!

This thread is rather old but the problem still persists.

Can U give us a short update on when this issue will be fixed?

It's really annoying cuz I have *all* of my numers in international format (which are really a lot!) and I cannot dial a single number directly out of my iPhone address book!  :-(


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