set the port to it's own specific port to prevent any issues

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I hope for some helpful assistance.Initially I set this up on the LAN and then followed every step, worked great. Even set the port to it's own specific port to prevent any issues. Went into my router and checked the security mode is WPA2-personal. Set up port forwarding with the port number I set. 

However, once I disconnected the LAN cable and the unit powered down as it says for 30 seconds, I then removed the LAN cable but the camera never appeared again after that reboot?? I refreshed the camera list in the Camera Tool- several times. Nothing. Power cycled unit, still nothing. Suggestions?. I have also been searching lot of explainer videos for some help but did not get any useful help till now.Please help me .

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

asked Jan 12, 2018 in Windows by aaronpawlak (120 points)  


Would you please let me know what you are using, brand, model, which unit you powered down?
Is the Zoiper client not working after switching from LAN to WIFI?

Please be clear.



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