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Is there a way of forwarding incoming calls (NOT at the carrier level) to my VoIP provider using the Zoiper app? I can see the call transfer feature is mentioned for ZoiperBeta, but I'd be happy to upgrade to paid version such as ZoiperPro if there was a stable/ workable solution there.

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With Zoiper3 and 5 you can set automatic forwarding of all incoming calls. You can also choose if you want instant or delayed forwarding. All those features are part of Zoiper Biz/ Pro and can be accessed from Zoiper -> Settings -> "Calls" menu.

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Thank you very much for the answer, Tsetso. I appreciate that.

Just checking on 2 questions that arise:

1. My "device" is an Android phone so the the Zoiper Biz/ Pro versions of Zoiper 3/ 5 that you refer to are actually the Pro/ Gold versions of V. 2.2.x (the current Android app) - not the desktop program(s)?

2. The calls I'm wanting to automatically forward are incoming voice calls on the standard phone network (GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G). Zoiper Pro/ Gold will take these calls and forward them to the VoIP network? Essentially, I'm looking for the phone to function as a Gateway.


Who is your phone provider? Maybe you can port your phone number to a sip platform.

Don't think it matters who the mobile carrier is. They're AU based and CAN forward calls, but I'm trying avoid their punitive charges for that feature (39¢/min) - hence my search for a better solution and the question here.

Zoiper for Android and iOS do not have automatic call forwarding. This feature exists only in Zoiper for Desktop.

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