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Loving the new Android Zopier (v2.2.47 library 2.8.83-mod) on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Android 6.0.1.  Good work.

I think I understood you were going to implement dialing sequences - for example to login to voice mail or conference calling systems in this release - where can I find the documentation?

i.e. on my old Nokia!!) I could have a contact entry which had <phone number><wait for answer><press 1><pause><vmail box number><hash><pause><vmail password><hash> 

In these good old days!) to connect to voice mail I would dial this contact, be prompted confirm answer (since this is a variable amount of time), and then would be automatically logged in.

Can Zopier2 on Android now do this - if so where is the documentation?  If not #FeatureRequest

asked Feb 15, 2018 in Android by AntonyUpward (280 points)  

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Currently sending pauses with Zoiper is not possible, however we have it in our long-term to-do list.

As for full dial-plan functionality, it is also in our to-do list, but we cannot provide any release time-frame.

answered Feb 15, 2018 by Tsetso.Zdravkov (34,270 points)  
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