Call Handing - "Agressive" Proximity Sensor

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Loving the new Android Zopier (v2.2.47 library 2.8.83-mod) on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Android 6.0.1.  Good work.

During calls I like the screen to turn off when the phone is near my ear.  But when using speakerphone, or to use dial pad during calls (phone banking), one needs the screen on to touch the buttons.

With Zopier->Settings->Audio->Disable Proximity Sensor OFF I am finding with the phone in my hand or on a table the proximity sensor turns off the screen when my finger approaches the screen to touch "speaker on", "mute" or a "dial pad" button!  This is inconvenient.

With Zopier->Settings->Audio->Disable Proximity Sensor ON the screen stays on during calls even when it is next to my ear.

With Zopier->Settings->Audio->Disable Proximity Sensor OFF is it possible for the sensor to discriminate between proximity of (large) head/ear, vs. (small) finger-tip?

FWIW I don't recall this being a problem in Android6 Zopier v1.x - proximity worked as expected.

asked Feb 15, 2018 in Android by AntonyUpward (280 points)  


Still facing this challenge.

Also recently - with v2.5.40 Library v2.8.101-mod) now installed - some how my ear keeps managing to mute calls - i.e. ear is activating mute button when I bring my phone up to my ear.

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