Call Handling - Acknowledging Calls: Silence Ringer + Other Call Answer Curiosity

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Hi, Loving the new Android Zopier (v2.2.47 library 2.8.83-mod) on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Android 6.0.1. Good work.

When I receive a call I often need to jump to another app on my phone before answering the call.  (For example an app that controls my music player - similar to Sonos (i.e. this is not music playing on the phone which can be paused by Zopier)

I know from the call answer screen I can press "home" button, unlock the phone, access the music control app and then answer, but during this process the ringer continues to sound.  

In addition to swipe left to dismiss the call, and swipe right to accept the call, can there by a swipe up or down to acknowledge the call, i.e. turn off the ringer, and present the "unlock screen", but neither answer nor hang-up the call.

Or is this already possible some other way?

Also curious: on the "call answer" screen what is the purpose of the button's for speakerphone , etc., displayed below the caller id / contact details?  They don't appear to work / do anything.  Shouldn't the speakerphone button answer the phone with the speaker on, and mute should answer the call with the microphone muted?

asked Feb 15, 2018 in Android by AntonyUpward (280 points)  


I'm still anxious to have "call acknowledge" option, and curious about why speaker phone and other buttons are displayed on "call answer" screen...


The speaker and mute options will work only when the call is already answered and negotiated.

Yes that's my point.  If they don't work before the call is answered why are they show. 

*AND* how about the "call acknowledge" option I requested? 


You can cancel the ringtone by tapping the volume down key once or twice, then you can simply tap on the home button to see your lock screen if needed. 

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