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Hi Community, 

I have just configured X-Lite on Windows to use my OPTUS SIP account (Australia), and this is working fine - outbound and inbound.

I was thinking it would be more versatile to use a mobile app, and here I am.

However, I am unable to get Zoiper to complete registration after setting up the account in the app.

I'm hoping someone can help me if I post the X-Lite config details here, on what setting I should input where in Zoiper to get it to work....

X-Lite configuration

Account Name: <phone number, +including country code>

Protocol: SIP

User ID: <phone number, +including country code>

Domain: ims01.yesphone.optus.com.au

Password: <Decrypted SIP Password>

Domain Proxy settings

Register with Domain and receive calls : Y

Send Outbound via: Proxy Address: IP:Port

Dial Plan: xx+#|x+T|[*#]xx|000|106|183[1-2] (copied from OPTUS settings)

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