Zoiper 2.2.49 will not dial contacts with spaces in phone number

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This was meant to have been solved in an earlier release, but I am still having the problem today on version 2.2.49. 

When I delete spaces in a phone number, it works. But I can't do that for all my contacts!!!

Is there a fix coming? 


asked Feb 19, 2018 in Android by iand (130 points)  


Thank you for your report. 

This should have been resolved in 2.2.30. (And it was, according to the feedback from our users) However just in case I will escalate this to our QA team for detailed investigation.

Otherwise to workaround this, try adding an "empty" space in the "Number rewriting" section of your SIP account. This should resolve the issue.


I went to Account > Number Rewriting

Checked 'Use Number Rewriting'

I had to select a country so chose United Kingdom.

The a put a space in the Rewrite International Options field.

And this still does not work. Attempts to dial but says 'Not found' after 2 seconds.


Can you go to the call history and check how the number is being dialled ? Check if the proper country code and prefix has been used. Check for any spaces or something else that might be responsible. 

Would typing the number manually result in a successful dial ?

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