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Good afternoon!

I come across this, to get some information! We got a premiun license from Zoiper 5, received the email with the proof, but there was no email address, activation key, or anything!

I would like to know how your protocol is ... How will I receive it, is it an activation key or a license?

Well, we need to start using the software!

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When you purchase Zoiper from our webshop for the first time, on the email which you have provided you will receive your credentials so as the download links. The username will be usually your email address and the password will be automatically generated by our licensing servers. Then, when you launch Zoiper 5, you can click on the "Activate now" button and then you just need to provide your username and password. 

You can find more details in our guide: https://www.zoiper.com/pdf/User%20Guide%20Zoiper%205%20v.1.0.6.pdf

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