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Where can I download older version of Zoiper? I would like to install version 2.4 on linux but I can't find how.

I need this info as fast as u can.


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Do you need a Biz or a Free version? Is it Zoiper 3 or Zoiper Classic?

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Thanks for fast answer.
1. I need Free version
2. It's Zoiper Classic (version 2.4)

Hello, Please try using this link:



Thanks for link but I can't run this version of zoiper on the newest Ubuntu 64bit. Could u give me download link of Zoiper 220 for 64bit operation systems.


Hello, the link is http://zoiper.com/downloads/zoiper220-linux.tar.gz
A 64 bit ubuntu can run a 32 bit application, you just need to install the crossplatform support libraries.

Note that Zoiper Classic requires Alsa to run, it might not be installed by default on your Ubuntu.

Please open a terminal, use cd to navigate to the folder where the zoiper executable resides and run

ldd zoiper | grep -i not

The output of the command will help you determine if there are some missing libraries.


Thanks for help :)

It was hard to install for me (I don't know much about linux) but all work correctly.

Thanks again and I wish you good luck!



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