i cant receive incoming call in IOS in the background while my iphone is locked

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our server working properly with ANDROID even in the background they can receive incoming calls but , our application have some issue with(IOS) user's they cant receive incoming calls while the lock their iphone they get disconnected in the background , so please we need quick reply from your side to solve this issue because our company asks to ask help from your side , even i have configured the IPHONE quit correctly but i don't know what is the problem they cant receive calls in the lock background ,also we have this issue  with the free version and purchase   version we bought it with 4.99$ also same issue 

asked Mar 26, 2018 in iOS by azhen (160 points)  


If your iOS devices are updated to iOS above version 11.x, then this issue is known and we are working to resolve it. iOS is putting Zoiper to sleep when it is on background, the previous workarounds that we used seem to work less reliably now. Additionally soon we should also offer PUSH notifications to completely resolve this.

We are sorry for any caused inconvenience.

Do we need to pay for the PUSH option ?

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Hi there,

I am still getting this issue as of today. May I know if it is related? Don't think there's any mechanism to "wake" up the sleeping iPhone when its moved into hibernation mode. I am using TCP with keepalives at 20seconds. (qualify=20000).

answered Jul 16, 2018 by ngzhongcai (160 points)  


tried push on iphone 8 with IOS 11, didn't work. and get worse: after turning push on, no incoming call again even not close zoiper. 

afterwards zoiper couldn't startup,and closed itself.

so we need to pay again for this feature ? why is it not included in premium version ?

@Synlau, it is subscription based and is an addition to the other premium features. You can use it only if you want it. 

@castro, you can use the contact form on our website to report the crash.

has this issue been resolved??

You can now enable PUSH notificaitions. There is no other way for Zoiper to work on background on iOS devices.

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