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Good morning,

so i purchased Zoiper to use the COM API in the client.

I activated my software but there is no com server on my computer.

i try to find it in my visual studio but i cant.

i tried to register it with  "

  • /regserver - register Zoiper COM object factory and type library in the Windows Registry.
like described in the api documentation but zoiper always start a call to "/regserver"
does anyone know something ?
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Same problem. Has anybody found how to resolve it? 


@JaviO, the API is available only in Zoiper3 and classic Biz currently. Make sure that Zoiper is also running on background and you have registered the API using an administrative CMD window.

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Make sure that you have Zoiper3 or Classic Biz.

Then in CMD started as administrator execute: 

/path/to/Zoiper.exe /regserver

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