I can hear but they can't here me

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Im using a laptop... It's my first time encountering this problem.. I can hear   the person Im calling with but they can't hear. I don't know how to fix this. Help me pls

asked Mar 26, 2018 in General by Anonymous (120 points)  

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The first thing to check is the correct microphone connection. On a laptop, such problems cannot be, because it has a built-in device. But on the computer, the external device must be connected to the appropriate connector.  It is usually located at the back and has a pink or red color - although there may be other color options, and the panel for connecting audio devices to modern PCs is often performed from the front.

In a laptop, on which to improve the sound quality, you can also connect an additional microphone, similar connectors are located on the side. 

I just constantly work at the computer, writing articles for one site, and faced various problems. 

answered Nov 14, 2018 by FelixSmith (140 points)  
edited Feb 5, 2019 by FelixSmith

thank you! I also had like this problem

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