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When I try to make an outgoing call and a headset is connected I hear the dial tone and the ringing tone through the headset simultaneously. Even when the call is connected I still hear the dial tone and then when the dial tone times out it disconnects the call. This does not happen with computer speakers just the headset. What do I do?

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Hello. Could you please share which Zoiper product you are using, what is your operating system and what type of headset are you using?

I am using the community version of Zoipper on Windows 8. I am using a Plantronics voyager legend UC

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The issue that you are experiencing is usually caused by Microsoft Lync. Microsoft Lync is hijacking all HID activity. We cannot prevent this behavior. A workaround to prevent the background noise is to open Zoiper -> Settings -> Preferences -> Audio -> Device sub-tab -> "Disable use generic handsets(HID, Jabra)".
 Note that this way the Pickup/Hangup buttons on your headset won't work with Zoiper. Or you can just exit from Microsoft Lync while you need to use Zoiper.

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