Chopped audio after upgrading to version5

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I have happily been using Zoiper since version 2.

After upgrading to version 5 -

Phone version: Zoiper5 5.2.10 for Windows 32bit
Library revision: v2.8.75
Phone revision: 5.2.10_Windows
UI revision: 1.1.19

- I have intermittently been receiving what I call 'chopped' receive audio. It is not broken up like that which happens when packets are lost, but a regular breakup of the audio in a fast manner.

If I revert to using version 2, the problem disappears, so I do not think that it is being caused by a bad transmission path, or I would see it on both versions.

I am using satellite broadband. I have a Minitar MV11a attached to the router, as the inbuilt function on the iinet technicolour modem was too flaky.

Any help appreciated.
asked Mar 28, 2018 in Windows by taisapi (140 points)  


Are you using UDP or TCP?

Is Stun enabled?

Which codec did you use and which one is now selected as preferred?

Please note that when the server has a preferred codec and you also have this codec in the the list, it will choose that one.

If you want codec g722 for example only to be used, be sure you only have that codec in the list of selected codecs.



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