Where is the CSV import found? I see Outlook & LDAP, but that is it.

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asked Sep 12, 2015 in Windows by Joe H Chasko (130 points)  

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From the Zoiper skin go to "Add" and select "Import from another force", then choose "Import from CSV".

The first line is a header and describes the structure of a record.


When you are about to import from a CSV file, the fields to be used for populating contact information must be selected from the corresponding drop-down menus. It's best to use the ones in the header.
Afterwards you will see a list of contacts and you can select which to add.

Note that double quotes are needed to escape the following in a field value:

1) line breaks (CRLF)
2) double quotes
3) commas

answered Sep 12, 2015 by Ivan (18,410 points)  
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