Zoiper 5 and Salesforce integration.

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 Can you provide help on how to do CRM integration with Zoiper 5 PRO? What features are supported through the integration? How to integrate?

asked Mar 29, 2018 in General by eem2sa (120 points)  


You would like to use the callto functionality or more?

Please have a look for the API of Zoiper : https://www.zoiper.com/documentation/zoiper-com-api/v1.1/

Thanks for the answer.Mainly click to call through the CRM if supported. Please have in mind that we Dont have programming skills. If needed please provide details on features supported and who to contact :)



When you click on a phone number in Salesforce to dial a phone number I guess?
You can register callto: easily.

You can try the free version of Zoiper 5 to see if its what you need.



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