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ZoiPer uses character encoding in the dial string.  For instance, when I use URI dialing through a ITSP or SIP proxy that allows this behavior the 'at sign' (@) gets encoded as %40 and call fails.

Is this normal behavior?

Also, can URI dialing be used without needing to REGISTER or have SIP account, if not could developers add this capability?

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With Zoiper you can make direct SIP URI calls without server in between. You need however to create one dummy account. For SIP URI dialling usually you should use the format:  sip:user@example.com

Where the "user" should be the dummy user which you have set and "example.com" is the IP address.

Regarding the symbol "@" being sent as "%40", Zoiper usually shouldn't do that, however even if it does, the server should be able to understand it according to the RFC's.

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