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I just purchased Zoiper 5 desktop for windows.  How do I change skins?

The Theme dropdown shows no skins and there is no link to download other skins.

I want a skin with a more compact look and feel and one that looks like a cell phone.

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Currently Zoiper5 does not come with additional skins. They will be added on a later stage. 

However, you can set your custom picture for background.

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That would be helpful. I find the light gray text very difficult to read.


This is the reason why we have decided to remove this feature from our next update.

Thanks for the update, Tsetso. What are you referring to when you say 'this' is the reason?

/edit: I assume you mean lack of ability to accommodate everyone's preference through skins (or at least the range of preferences from these two posts.)

A suggestion for my concern could be to have a font color preference, without going down the rabbit hole of being the sole provider of skins, so that a user could, for example, increase the contrast that's lost when having light gray on a white or even gray background. There are many options under GUI/Look and Feel, but all of them are related to functionality and behaviour, as opposed to aesthetics.

What timeframe is later?



It would be great if you would add themes function with more alternatives, at the moment there is only default.

How do you change the background picture ?


The background changing option is no-longer available.

This is terrible that we must buy the new version 5.x as 3.x licenses are not available but they were visually customizable so you were not forced to be a blinding while screen and years later we still have no options like we used to.

Most software is being written by 15-30 year olds. They cannot fathom why anyone would possibly complain about low contrast colour schemes.

The reason we are complaining, Tsetso, is that past the age of 45, everyone's eyes are trash. White is too bright, black is no longer black, stray light is everywhere, focus ring is stuck, and everything that is not high contrast becomes hard to read. Also, we use 2008 vintage monitors, which have half the resolution, and not nearly as much contrast ratio as a new one.

Please take pity on ex-geeks. Get a high contrast scheme project going. FOUR YEARS have passed from the original question. Does it mean that it is a non-issue for you? Likely.

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