Android - Zoiper + OpenVPN = wonky

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My setup:

I have Kamailio on a VPS using sip, and I also use another sip provider:

T-Mobile is blocking according to my tests. (I plan to call them and raise hell)

My VPS sip server is not blocked by T-Mobile.

What happens:

I turn on OpenVPN on my Android, and is still blocked. With out spending a bunch of time debugging and tracing I assume Zoiper is not using the OpenVPN connection? All my other stuff stuff (browser/ apps) runs though the vpn. If I turn off OpenVPN and use wifi, or att sim card, I can connect to

Also: I can see in my Kamailio logs that I am getting logs of phone calls made that are not sip calls, but cell calls. This should not happen. Your app is basically telling the sip provider a detail of all calls incoming and outgoing regardless if it is sip or not. I have noticed this for a long time.

asked Apr 11, 2018 in Android by cake (120 points)  


We have pushed an update with some changes to the DNS handling, you can try it by installing the latest Zoiper Beta from the Play store. 

Though, just in case, make sure that your VPN is properly pushing its DNS and changing the default gateway. We have made some testing in our lab and we couldn't detect any issues. I also have a personal OpenVPN server at home running on LEDE and have tried(just in case) with multiple devices and servers, but I couldn't detect any misbehavior.

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