heads-up notifications for SMS messages?

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Does Zoiper (Beta even) simply not support heads-up notifications for incoming SMS messages on Android?

I have noticed it does do heads-up notifications for things like registration status though so the code is in there to do heads-up notifications.  It just needs to be applied to the SIP SIMPLE incoming SMS functionality.

asked Jun 6, 2018 in Android by brianjmurrell (210 points)  


Zoiper does not have/use heads-up notifications, can you tell us the brand and model of your phone ? 

Well, that's a pity (that Zoiper doesn't have heads up notifications for SMS messages) given that it most certainly does have heads-up notifications for SIP registration/deregistration.  Seems like if you are going to have support for it for that case, it makes most sense to have heads-up notifications for SMS messages too.

Curious, why do you want to know phone brand and model?  Is it relevant to Zoiper having heads-up notification for SMS messages?

Zoiper does not have heads-up notifications for registration or unregistration. If you are seeing any, eventually your phone might have some customization that simulates them.  We want to know the brand and model of the phone, so we can check the behavior of the notifications on it.

I suppose that Zoiper is just posting a generic notification then and it's the Android (Nougat) notifcation implementation that is displaying it "heads up".

Heads up notification screenshot.

And indeed, I get the same behaviour on an incoming SMS.  Not quite as convenient as some more text messaging apps where they give options in the heads-up notification to reply, etc. but it's still quite usable.

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