Zoiper doesn't send SIP BYE when hanging-up a call.

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I'm seeing that when you hang up a SIP call received by Zoiper, it sends RTCP Goodbye, but doesn't send a SIP BYE.

Zoiper seems to accept a SIP BYE just fine and processes it.

But it won't send BYE itself.

Assistance most welcome!

asked Jun 6, 2018 in SDK & API by jcouper-zo (210 points)  

Still the same, no SIP BYE


Which product you are discussing ? Please provide me with exact versions.

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This was the Android App version of Zoiper.  Whatever the latest version was at the time.

I believe I found the reason for this while testing with a different client.  I believe that the far-end was returning an incorrect (or missing) "Contact" address in the response to the initial INVITE.

Hence Zoiper did not have a place to which it could send the BYE at call teardown.

So -- no fault in Zoiper I believe.  (Other than perhaps it could have shown a warning message?)

answered Feb 25, 2020 by jcouper-zo (210 points)  
selected Feb 25, 2020 by Tsetso.Zdravkov

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