[HOW TO] - Messaging with Zopier App on Android with Twilio VOIP

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I am unable to setup properly the sms/text messaging with Zopier on my Android phone - I use the Free Version and like it actually.

My provider is Twilio.

I manage to make basic tests with Twilio and messaging works fine when I test directly from my server (PHP functions) - but I can't make it work with the App. I know that I am probably missing something but can't figure out what exactly.

Do you have prior experiences with Twilio VOIP provider and messaging set up with Zoiper App on Android ?

Could you help me please with this issue ?

Waiting for your answer,

Thank you in advance,


asked Jun 6, 2018 in Android by Renan_ITek (170 points)  


I try to find the solution by myself and maybe i haven't seen this doc.  I am going to check right now ;)

I will tell you if it helps.

Thank you,



Hi I checked the link and read about Presence - don't really know what it is.This feature seemed available only with paid version so as I was a bit fed up with this issue I bought the premium app yesterday.

The first test I made didn't work either but I don't set up properly the app maybe ; I am going to try again.

So at the moment I can't tell you if this link was very useful ;)



You should also verify with your service provider if they support presence over SIP SIMPLE.

It does - It is Twilio

Bump. I'm also trying to do this.

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