PUSH notifications seems not working, is Windows ZoiPer still supported?

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Followed instructions in http://www.zoiper.com/en/tutorials/push-notifications

When script is run once - nothing happens despite success answer from Microsoft notify server.

Interestingly, calling push.sh several times in a row does cause ZoiPer to wake up and send REGISTER packet. There is nothing on the phone screen and attempt to make incoming call still fails.

Is there anyone here who was able to configure incoming calls?

Are provided instructions still valid?

asked Jun 13, 2018 in Windows Phone by qfzp (170 points)  

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This example is only for the Windows Phone version of Zoiper, which is no-longer supported for the general public and the public release has not received any updates since the past 2 years. It may or may not work. Unfortunately we cannot tell.

answered Jun 13, 2018 by Tsetso.Zdravkov (34,310 points)  
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