How to answer a call using the enter key on the keyboard

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Phone version: Zoiper5 5.2.16 for Windows 64bitLibrary revision: v2.8.95Phone revision: 5.2.16_Windows
I need to answer numerous links using the enter key on the keyboard, but the new update only allows me to answer with the mouse
asked Jun 20, 2018 in Web (Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox) by Jazon (140 points)  

Zoiper currently does not support shortcuts, though this feature may arrive at some point in the future.

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You can't answer a call that way.  

Zoiper has been promising shortcuts for the past six years or more and has not fulfilled their promise.  I have been told by Zoiper that it is not a priority so it is very low on there development board.

In other words, don't expect keyboard shortcuts in this or the next lifecycle.

answered Jun 25, 2018 by C. Pierre Orantes (430 points)  
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