How do I get Zoiper to automatically reconnect to asterisk when I move from WiFi lan to lan

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I have Zoiper on my Android, and for the most part works great.  One problem I have one problem.  When I move from one lan (on WiFi) to another, my IP address changes, and I am no longer connected to Asterisk.  How can I get Zoiper to reestablish the connection to Asterisk when the WiFi SSID changes?

asked Jun 25, 2018 in Android by gregorywest (120 points)  


When the network change happens, Zoiper will detect it and will try to re-register your account. However if the Asterisk is in your local network and you are connecting to it through the local IP address, you won't be able to register. 

For public networks you may also try to enable the STUN option, to prevent potential NAT issues.

Sounds interesting, exactly how does the STUN service work?   Do I need a STUN server, or is the an open one I can latch onto?

I have made a quick online search and have found this presentation. I believe it should be able to provide you with basic idea how the STUN server works.

Thanks for the reply.  I did click on the link you send, but it does not exist any more.

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That is unfortunate. You can then see the description in Wikipedia, though it's not that "user-friendly".

answered Jul 11, 2018 by Tsetso.Zdravkov (24,260 points)  
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