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I have several thousand non-consecutive telephone numbers from my carrier. The carrier automates setting up their soft switch (Broadsoft). In other words, the carrier takes DID numbers from an account database and automates the routing setup of their switch. But they have some sort of bug in their process as hundreds of DID's are not configured properly and won't route for inbound calls. 

The carrier is happy to have multiple individual tickets opened as we discover DID's that don't route. They are even happy to review the whole account, but the same incompetence that allows for the bug also explains why they fail to properly review the account. However, when given an individual DID or list of DID's to fix, they always fix it within a day.

I am tired of the "stub-your-toe" method of discovery as we add new employees. I want to automate testing. My soft PBX can log all inbound trunk calls or attempts. So I am covered on verifying if the call hits my trunk. But am still looking for an easy outbound dialing solution. 

I am not looking to hop on a call and talk. All I want to do is dial a list of numbers from a text file, let it ring a few times and then hang up. Then dial the next number. At the end I will compare the numbers dialed vs the numbers that hit the trunk and prepare a final last work order of improperly configured DID's for the carrier to fix. 

I am not a developer and the few developer resources in the company are busy, so if anybody has a simple solution, it is much appreciated. 

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