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It seems my premium Gold Version of the Android App is no longer activated.

I use a new SIM card as I am in a new country - is it linked  ?

The gold version is a one-time purchase, it i snot a suscription , isn't it ?

So I guess either this is the trouble either I have another issue...

If anybody has any clue, would be much appreciated.

Thank you,



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For Zoiper Gold to work, you must always be connected to the internet. If you loose connection the Gold features will disappear. You must also be able to connect our licensing server located at: oem  [ dot] zoiper  [dot] com.

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For sure I know Zoiper works with the Internet, I very often use it with the 4G but since I have lost the Gold features. Is there any issue in Malaysia ?

Why ? I paid for it nit even 1 month ago.

And I can connect to this website.

I really don't understand and it seems this is not answering my question ;)

Thank anyway,


Have you installed the latest version of Zoiper (2.4.19) ? It has some improvements over the syncing process and this should resolve the sync issues.


Update : Zoiper the app now seems to work better - I had no real call so couldn't really test but the gold version is back and the icon on my mobile too.

There was change in the network so you were maybe right the first time.

By the way I have updated as well ;)

Thank you a lot.

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