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I just read about the command line options in Zoiper5 which I will use to create keyboard shortcuts with autohotkey. As far as I have seen all my needs can be solved that way except picking up / answering a call. Is there a "number" to dial to answer a call? like zoiper5 --dial=answer



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Such parameter is not available in Zoiper5. You can find the list of command line parameters, here: https://www.zoiper.com/en/support/home/article/190/Zoiper5_command_line_parameters

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Hi and thank you for your quick reply, I have seen the list, sorry for not mentioning that but that´s why I refer to.the parameter --dial=...

I hoped, that there would be a value for the parameter "dial" because in some way the process of picking up is dialing the green button. But I was in some way expecting and do understand that there is not.

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