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I have Zoiper installed on two iPhone 6's.  One works absolutely fine but the other has a strange issue.  I can dial any valid number except for UK mobile number (e.g. 07xxx xxx xxx).  If I dial a mobile number like this Zoiper just disappears from the screen.  The number dialled is not shown in the call history so I guess it didn't even try to dial it.  Even if I try to trick the software by dialling the number in International format (e.g. 0044 7xxx xxx xxx) is still stopped straight away and disappears from the screen.

Any help in understanding this would be much appreciated.

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Which exact version of Zoiper for iOS you use? You may find that from the About section in Zoiper's Setting menu.

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Sorry for not replying sooner.  It is 3.5.3 for iPhone.

When I dial any number with more than 9 digits Zoiper will just stop.  It does not try to even make the call and the number does not show in call history.




Do you receive any error messages?  Can you quote them?

Please also contact your VoIP provider and with them whether they require some specific way to dial numbers.

There was no error message at all.  This happens on two iPhone 6's so it's not a specific phone issue.  We are using our own FreePBX/Asterisk system and when this happens absolutely nothing is sent to the FreePBX server (even setting SIP DEBUG ON and viewing the Asterisk log file).  As previously mentioned the number dialled doesn't even get saved in the Zoiper call history.



Zoiper does not have a limit for the length of the number that can be dialed.  You should be able to dial numbers with more than 9 digits. If you are not able, you would need to check the settings on the PBX about the dialling.

If for some reason Zoiper cannot dial, it will show an error message (sliding from the top) with the reason.

As I have already explain nothing gets to the PBX system at all.  We are using a variety of soft and hard phones with the PBX and only Zoiper on iPhone 6 has this problem.  I am using Zoiper on Android and Windows and those are both working perfectly.

Also as already explained there is no error message of any description.  Zoiper just disappears from the screen as soon as any number greater that 9 digits is dialled.

I have set IAX2 debugging on the system when doing this and no traffic is seen from the Zoiper soft phone at all on IAX2.  If I dial a short number (such as a three digit extension number or a short feature code) then it works.


In order to investigate further the issue you experience and to gather more details in the investigation, we have opened a ticket into our system. You will receive more details by email shortly.

Please make sure that the messages from Zoiper are not filtered by your Message filters.

Thanks for this.  I look forward to receiving the ticket.

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