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I'm looking to buy g729 license, but I have a problems:

I hate feature of the latest versions of client - using system dialler. I use latest version with integrated dialler. So, is it possible to buy license to g729 and use not latest version?

Also I'm looking to any ways to update to latest version - so, my system dialler don't support "edit before call" feature. Maybe I can install something from google play? What? Please advice me.

And I have a problem with IAX2 account - sometimes it disconnects. And I don't know about it. 

Is it possible to fix it in next versions? Maybe you can add back optional integrated-in-app dialler? 

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We have added back the "Edit before dialling" option under the recent list with tap and hold. The older versions are no longer available or supported. 

Regarding the IAX2 issues, currently we do not have proper network handover for IAX2, thus we recommend that you use SIP.

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